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March/April 2015

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Around Town Barnsley & Rotherham There is no doubt the change in season is uplifting for us all with the lighter nights and summer on the way. What a nice thought you can now consider sleeping with the windows open, turning off the heat or even heading to the beach. Refusing to wear a coat and packing away your scarves, it doesn't get much better than that.

Looking to the seasonal celebrations why not give your mum a well deserved rest on Mothers Day Sunday the 15th of March and take her out to lunch. My daughter has booked us a spa treat, she clearly knows me well!

If you are looking to improve your home whether it's a larger project or a Spring makeover there are a host of businesses right on your doorstep. Spring is the most exciting time to be a gardener. So out with the mower and on with the planting and soon you can sit back in the summer and enjoy your hard work.

Finally we hope you enjoy a trip down memory lane with fond memories of the way your town used to be. We have tripped around the local areas with camera in hand trying to find many a building not that easy when most were demolished before we were even born.
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