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January/February 2016

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Around Town Barnsley & Rotherham W ith the New Year in full swing, many of us are embarking on lifestyle changes and new challenges for 2016. In this edition, we have put together some interesting feature we hope will inspire you to realise your goals and dreams. Whether it be pounds shed in the gym, or pounds you want to gain for your financial future, our New Year, New You feature can help point you in the right direction.

Physical education in schools has certainly changed in recent years, with many facing cutbacks when it comes to what is a very important subject. One man who has helped turn this around in South Yorkshire is Darren Padgett, the man behind Team Activ, who strives to keep children and young people's ambitions in the sporting field on track.

Motoring isn't necessarily my thing: it means getting in the car, going to the petrol station and that really is about it. Meeting up with our motoring correspondent, Don Booker MBE, I realised there is a lot more to owning a car and this inspired me to delve further into our motoring past. This involved a trip to the local transport museum where I met some wonderful, dedicated gentlemen who give their time voluntarily to restoring some of South Yorkshire's finest motoring treasures. We will once again continue to support the great services and businesses we have right here in South Yorkshire.

So thank you for joining us on our 2016 journey and here's to another successful year.
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